2017-18 NFL playoff predictions: divisional round

Matchup: Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Sat. 3:35 pm NBC

Prediction: Atlanta Falcons 23 Philadelphia Eagles 16

Nick Foles is not Carson Wentz. Although Foles has proven he can be a productive starter, Wentz is the one who got the Eagles the NFC’s number one seed. Foles will struggle to move the ball against an improved Falcons defense, and even when he does move the ball, most drives for the Eagles will stall. Philadelphia’s defense will hinder Matt Ryan and Atlanta’s offense but will get tired as the game moves along as their offense will not stay on the field for very long.

Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots Sat. 7:15 pm CBS

New England Patriots 31 Tennessee Titans 17

The Patriots will not lose to the six seed. Tom Brady will pick Tennessee’s secondary apart and Marcus Mariota will not throw another touchdown pass to himself. The Titans’ defense will start strong but will tire out as a result of their inept offense. Gronk will have a monstrous game.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers Sun. 12:05 pm CBS

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Jacksonville Jaguars 13

Blake Bortles threw for 87 yards in the first half, oh no wait, the whole game against the Bills and he won’t throw for more than 125 yards against Pittsburgh. Jacksonville’s defense was tough against the Bills last week but will not be able to replicate that performance against the Steelers. Pittsburgh’s killer B’s, Ben, Bell, and Brown will wear the Jaguars down.

New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Sun. 3:40 pm FOX

Minnesota Vikings 27 New Orleans Saints 20

Minnesota’s defense has been great all year and they will step up on the big stage. Case Keenum will frustrate the Saints’ defense with shallow crossing routes that will then open up the big play. Latavius Murray will expose the Saints’ weaknesses up front, and those runs will lead to big plays on screen passes. The Viking’s offense will do just enough to come out on top.



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